Dr. Zac DitmarsenFor people who are serious about getting their health back and are sick of conventional ways to do things. Dr. Zac uses an elaborate approach to get you the results you are looking for. He looks at your lifestyle, foods, habits, along with specific blood work to construct an action plan that will be specific to your unique case. If you suffer from Thyroid conditions, metabolic syndrome, blood sugar problems, fibromyalgia, or sleeping problems. Dr. Zac will work with you on a solution to help improve these conditions in your life.

Dr. Zac specializes in chiropractic care, nutrition, wellness, and functional medicine. He takes the guesswork out of dieting and lifestyle by offering a personalized approach to your health. During therapy sessions, he will investigate your current habits (food, exercise, stress, etc.) and collaboratively assist you in setting realistic goals. He firmly believes that small tweaks can have a huge impact and that dieting and having a healthy lifestyle does not have to be stressful, scary, overwhelming, or time-consuming.

Lifestyle tweaks and nutrition are crucial to the health and performance of our customers, which is why we provide diet/lifestyle consulting services at Aspiring Health Clinic of Chiropractic. Dr. Zac is passionate about helping people improve their quality of life through proper nutrition and healthy lifestyles.

Dr. Zac has first-hand experience of how nutrition and chiropractic care can restore your life because of that what helped his mom recover after she was involved in a tragic car accident. In his office, he treats patients of all ages, with various symptoms and chronic health conditions. Besides treating back and neck pain, he specializes in thyroid problems, diabetes, hormonal disorders, blood pressure, fibromyalgia, sleep apnea, and metabolic disorders. Dr. Zac works with you to unearth the underlying cause of your disease, not only the symptoms.

Dr. Zac is renowned chiropractic, nutrition, and lifestyle consultant who attained his Doctor of chiropractic at North Western Health Sciences University in Minnesota. His mission is to provide holistic wellness/nutrition consulting services that will help clients lead a happier and healthier life. He will help you lead a healthy lifestyle while developing a positive perception of good eating habits.

Feel free to schedule an appointment with Dr. Zac to learn more about how nutrition and lifestyle tweaks can improve your quality of life today.