Dr. Zac is an expert in extremity work and has outstanding results getting a wide range of individuals back to doing the things they love. Dr. Zac works with professional athletes all the way to young children who have problems outside their spine keeping them from doing the things they love to do.

Dr. Zac has taken 100+ hours in extracurricular courses understanding and identifying solutions to many extremity problems. He works on all the joints in the body. He has a particular specialty in Knees hips and shoulders. Dr. Zac finds improves by incorporating multiple practices such as Gonstead adjustment with trigger point therapy, Muscles taping, and correctional exercises to get you optimal results.

Dr. Zac believes that your body works as a complete unit, not a bunch of parts working individually. From the hands, feet, and to the wrists and ankles, he uses his Gonstead technique to promote optimal performance. Extremity Chiropractic adjustments involve manipulating any joint to improve motion in that joint. When joints lose mobility, they start to break down slowly over time.

Extremity adjustments help to improve your body mechanics. They also help to reduce referred pain, which makes s proper diagnosis and treatment difficult. Dr. Zac knows the path your nerves take, and the best method to relieve pressure on the nerve. Extremity adjustments help patients to stay healthy while remaining physically active.

Dr. Zac is a certified extremity chiropractic practitioner with more than five years of experience helping patients in Tennessee and Minnesota improve their range of motion through the Gonstead technique. He entered into the chiropractic profession after he was inspired to see his mom recover from a tragic car accident through regular chiropractic adjustments.

He specializes in the treatment of extremities like knee, shoulders, and hips. His expertise has helped many people from athletes, golfers, and tennis players who could not find relief from physicians or other chiropractors in Tennessee.

Most people wrongly that chiropractic practitioners only adjust your spine, but Dr. Zac is trained to fix your extremities so that your whole body functions appropriately. If you are experiencing discomfort in your extremities, make sure that you schedule an appointment with Dr. Zac for assistance today!